Mr Kemp NZ

Apple Professional Learning Specialist

Craig has been recognised as a Apple Professional Learning Specialist (APLS) and as a result works closely with the Apple Education team, particularly in Asia to support schools and organisations in their Apple device rollout.

As an APLS Craig has been the choice of many schools, schools groups and organisations across the globe to support them in their strategy development and device rollout programmes, many of which are beginning to end solutions.

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Craig bases his business interactions with the organisation on the individual needs of the leaders, teachers, community and students in your environment. Offering experience centres, teacher training, hands-on demonstrations, strategy development, policy creation and personalised support he has a deep understanding of Apple products in education, and can guide you based on your ambitions.

In the past 18 months Craig has worked with leading International and Local schools in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia as an APLS leading strategic development at a leadership level, developing policies and procedures, leading professional learning and much more.

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