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The Top 8 Professional Reads for Educators 2018

The Top 8 Professional Reads for Educators as voted by you for your Summer reading list!

After the success of the 2016 Summer Reading List and the 2017 Summer Reading List, I reached out to Educators across the globe to assemble the top summer reading list for educators this year!

We had 276 book suggestions from 163 educators from 15 different countries around the world, spanning several continents and every corner of the globe. I know you are going to love this list and be totally inspired by it.

Summer is here (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). If you are like most educators, this is your time to rest, relax and for many, delve into some professional reading and learn about all those exciting strategies and resources that will reinvigorate learning in your classroom and school when you return after the break.

After the suggestions were tallied these are the Top 8 reads for educators (plus some bonuses) that you simply can not miss. Only 2 of last years list remain with 6 newcomers to the 2018 BEST Edu-Read list…

1. The Innovators Mindset by George Couros

In ‘The Innovators Mindset‘, George Couros encourages teachers and administrators to empower their learners to wonder, to explore—and to become forward-thinking leaders. If we want innovative students, we need innovative educators. In other words, innovation begins with you. Ultimately, innovation is not about a skill set but about mindset. There is a reason why this is your number 1 book (AGAIN – 3rd year in a row!!!). Get your copy today and make the most of your summer vacation!

1The Innovators Mindset

2. Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess

Based on Dave Burgess’s popular “Outrageous Teaching” and “Teach Like a PIRATE” seminars, this book offers inspiration, practical techniques, and innovative ideas that will help you to increase student engagement, boost your creativity, and transform your life as an educator. This groundbreaking inspirational manifesto contains over 30 hooks specially designed to captivate your class and 170 brainstorming questions that will skyrocket your creativity. Once you learn the Teach Like a PIRATE system, you’ll never look at your role as an educator the same again.

2Teach Like A Pirate

AND additionally from the “Pirate Collection” be sure to catch a glimpse of Learn Like a Pirate by Paul Solarz. Empower your students to collaborate, lead and succeed! A particularly good read for those who are BIG on student agency! You will love Paul’s take on empowerment and learning.

3. Social LEADia by Jennifer Casa-Todd

The book, Social LEADia builds upon the idea of Digital Leadership defined by George Couros as “using the vast reach of technology (especially the use of social media) to improve the lives, well-being, and circumstances of others”.

It provides examples, and support to teachers who want to empower their students to use technology and social media to move beyond just being ethical and responsible citizens towards becoming digital leaders.  It brings together the experiences and stories of educators, and the voices of students who are leveraging social media to learn & share their learning, to address social inequality, and to be a positive influence in the lives of others. A highly recommended read from one of my favorite Twitter connections!

4. Unmapped Potential by Julie Hasson and Missy Lennard

Here is one of the books that are on MY summer reading lists after coming highly recommended from my PLN and my colleagues in-house. No matter where you are in your educational career, chances are you have, at times, felt overwhelmed and overworked. Unmapped Potential: An Educator’s Guide to Lasting Change can help you find your unique path to becoming the kind of educator – the kind of person – you want to be.

Sharing personal stories and drawing on mindset and brain research, principals Julie Hasson and Missy Lennard reveal strategies that will help you create lasting, positive change for you, your colleagues, and your students. Discover your own unmapped potential.

5. Shake Up Learning by Kasey Bell

Rapidly evolving technology and the demands of the digital age are transforming not only the way we live but also the way we learn. The tools students are using are newer, sleeker, and faster than ever before. In some cases, the medium is even changing the message. One thing is certain: Educators cannot continue the status quo if they expect to equip young people for the world to come.

Technology is not a magic solution for education. It is an opportunity! An opportunity to shake things up, to connect and grow, and to create dynamic learning experiences for our students! In this three-part book, you will explore WHY it’s time to Shake Up Learning, WHAT changes we can make in our classrooms to support dynamic learning experiences, and HOW to plan meaningful lessons for your classroom.

Kasey’s book is not only inspiring but down to earth, authentic and easy to follow and implement!

6. Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin

School was invented to create a constant stream of compliant factory workers to the growing businesses of the 1900s. It continues to do an excellent job of achieving this goal, but it’s not a goal we need to achieve any longer.

In this 30,000 word manifesto, Seth Godin imagines a different set of goals and starts a discussion about how we can reach them. One thing is certain: if we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’ve been getting. Our kids are too important to sacrifice to the status quo.

The manifesto is a series of provocations, ones that might make you go “Ouch” and ones that will resonate and provoke global conversations. His intention: To create a new set of questions and demands that parents, taxpayers, and kids can bring to the people they’ve chosen, the institution we’ve built and invested our time and money into.

7. Hacking School Culture by Angela Stockman and Ellen Feig Gray

Hacking School Culture, a part of the famous Mark Barnes Hack Learning Series is an inspiring look at how to change and adapt your school culture for the better!

Bullying prevention and character building programs are deepening our awareness of how today’s kid’s struggle and how we might help, but many agree: They aren’t enough to create school cultures where students and staff flourish. This inspired Angela Stockman and Ellen Feig Gray to begin seeking out systems and educators who were getting things right. If your school needs a shake up and you don’t know where to start or if you have a voice in making a difference then this book is for you.

8. Kids Deserve it by Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney

What if learning was exciting?
What if students felt important and empowered every time they walked into the building?

What if parents looked forward to calls from their children’s teachers and principals, instead of cringing when the school’s number popped up on their phones?

To Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome, those aren’t far-fetched what ifs; they can (and should) be a reality for every teacher, school, parent, and student. In Kids Deserve It!, Todd and Adam encourage you to think big and make learning fun and meaningful for students. While you’re at it, you just might rediscover why you became an educator in the first place.
Learn why you should be calling parents to praise your students (and employees). Discover ways to promote family interaction and improve relationships with kids at school and at home. Be inspired to take risks, shake up the status quo, and be a champion for your students.
And to finish off the list there needs to be a Special Mention to the following books which ALL came highly recommended from you:

Instead of spreading yourself too thin, pick one or two of these books, lock in some time to read and learn and as you read, share your experiences through Social Media or even blog about it. Be sure to tag me in so I can hear your thoughts and share them out to the “Edu-World”.

Have a fantastic Summer Vacation for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, and for those of you are mid-year and still working away to inspire the leaders of tomorrow, thank you for everything you do! Enjoy your time and I look forward to hearing from you all soon!

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