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What is School? “Women in #EdTech”

This week on #whatisschool, Craig has called in the heavy hitters for a SPECIAL chat as we have focused on all things Women in #EdTech! And, to lead the discussion, I have invited in six women that have been working to pave the way for women (and, men) and girls (and, boys) in education. Jennifer Williams, Jessie Boyce, Rachelle Dene Poth, Courtney Kofeldt, Michelle Moore, and Monica Burns will lead us in an hour of exploring where we are currently in education in terms of women’s role in education technology and where are heading.

Get ready to kick off the chat by tagging in three superstar women that have influenced your practice, then we will dive right into Question #1 which will have us look back over the past five years to consider how we have evolved and grown as a profession in terms of gender equality. After exploring barriers that we have seen or experienced in Question #2, Question #3 invites us to consider the role men have in supporting and women in EdTech. What three male educators do you feel are standout leaders in this area? We will jump into discussing the role of EdTech companies, conferences, and organizations in Question #5, and for Question #6, we will conclude by bringing it back to students to consider how we all as educators can encourage young women and girls to pursue careers in STEM/STEAM.

Hope you can join for this power-packed hour and bring along your colleagues for what could be the biggest chat in #whatisschool history!

Remember that our chat times for around the world are: (updated 15 May 2018)

  • Thursday 4pm Pacific Time
  • Thursday 6pm Central Time
  • Thursday 7pm ET 
  • Thursday 11pm GMT
  • Friday 12am CET
  • Friday 7am Singapore/Manila/WA (Perth)
  • Friday 9am AEST
  • Friday 11am NZT

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Join the conversation on Thursday 24 May 7pm ET (Thursday 11pm GMT, Friday 9am AEDT, 11am NZT, 7am Singapore) as we discuss What Is School? #whatisschool

Questions #whatisschool, May 24, 2018 7PM ET

1) In the past 5 years, how have you seen the role of women in #EdTech change?
2) Based on your experience, what barriers currently exist for women in #EdTech?
3) What role do men play in supporting women in #EdTech? Name 2-3 men that you feel have made a difference in empowering all educators.
4) How can #EdTech companies, conferences, and organizations support women in #EdTech?
5) How can women in #EdTech share their stories with the world?
6) How can we as educators encourage young girls/young women to pursue careers in STEM/STEAM?

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Craig Kemp

Craig Kemp

I am a passionate Global EdTech Consultant based in Singapore but working with Schools and EdTech companies all over the world. I am a lifelong learner, dream creator and thought leader. I love to inspire others and find inspiration. Co-founder of #whatisschool, #asiaED edchats and #pubPD.

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