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Top 5 Skills Teachers Need to Flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Following up from the honor of being selected in Huffington Posts Top 12 Global Education Blogs of 2014-2017 I have been chosen again in this amazing group and for 2018 will be contributing to Huffington Post’s Education blog once a month. This month we look at the following highly controversial topic “ What kind of teachers will continue to flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?” – here is my response:

Following on from last months post on A Holistic Approach to Learning in the Fourth Industrial Revolution I have taken the opportunity to extend my thoughts on this topic by answering the question “What kind of teachers will continue to flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?”

In a world that is constantly evolving with new technology, systems, processes and tools, Education has remained reasonably stagnant. While I disagree with the statements about robots taking over our classes in the coming years, I do agree that there will be significant changes. The World economic forum has predicted the top 10 skills for the future in the table below:

Over the coming years, we are going to start seeing drastic changes in the way education reacts to the changes in technology that we see ourselves using on a daily basis. Technology that has the potential to redefine the way we do things, how we do things and why we do things. It is an exciting, yet scary time for us all, but a time that needs to be embraced by the Education community with open arms.

That brings forward the question, What kind of teachers will continue to flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Recently I wrote this blog post outlining the need for a holistic approach to learning as we enter the fourth industrial revolution. Which is an important pre-read for you before I go into the skills that I believe teachers need below. No statement in this article is more important than the statement I concluded with:

“The biggest mindset change we are working on with our teachers is that it is OK not to know, but it is not OK to sit back and do nothing about it. Embrace change and learn with the kids, maybe even empower them to lead and teach too. Schools around the world MUST do their very best to spend time and money firstly on Human resources to upskill our educators to lead the leaders of tomorrow. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here! Time to jump on board and join the ride – it is a wild but rewarding one!”

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Here are the Top 5 Skills I believe teachers need to continue to flourish in the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

  1. Embrace Change with Positivity – As I mentioned above, it is critical for teachers to be willing to learn and to change as technology evolves and enters the education arena. Be positive, willing to learn and adapt, and be willing to share your successes and failures.
  2. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate – The willingness to collaborate and learn with and from others is a critical skill in today’s world and in the future. As we get more connected than ever before there are no longer excuses for you to not collaborate with others to learn and grow. Get to it!  
  3. Be Creative and take risks – Creativity is one of the skills consistently in the ‘future skills lists’ as outlined in this article. We need to model creativity and use this to creatively solve problems that are authentic. Think outside the square about how creativity can be integrated into your daily routine and take risks in doing so. Mistakes are the first step in learning and remember to FAIL (first attempt at learning) FORWARD!
  4. Have a Sense of Humor – I have written about laughter and humor before and I am a big believer in it being a critical skill to help develop relationships and to keep yourself sane in the crazy world we now live in. It reduces stress and frustration and gives people a chance to look at their circumstances from another point of view. When I think of my favorite teachers from school, they are the ones that made me laugh!
  5. Teach Holistically With the rise in teaching styles, learning styles and the buzz of personalized learning appearing more frequently it is more important than ever to teach the whole child, taking into account the variances that exist. Get to know your students, their families and how they learn!

What would you add to this list of skills required for success? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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