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My Top 15 Must Read EdTech Blogs

Here is a list of my favorite EdTech Blogs from around the globe that I find myself going back to on a weekly basis just to get some inspiration and to learn from the best. If you are like me and you live to learn then jump on board these legendary blogs and start learning too, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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In no particular order – here are my top 15 EdTech Blogs that you simply have to check out …

EdSurge is always one of my go-to blogs that constantly appears on my twitter feed. It is updated daily with the best trending topics and high profile writers with all content related to education. Recent articles explored the role of teachers in the evaluation of technology and the role of EdTech in educational research.

Vicki Davis is not only one of the best Twitter follows you can make as an educator, but she writes inspirational blogs every week that makes me want more. She gives excellent advice, integration ideas and ways to engage learners in all settings. One of the most positive Education blogs out there.

Richard Byrne provides a wide range of practical EdTech resources in his blog, including apps and other tools, to help teachers find cost-effective solutions for introducing technology in the classroom. Richard shares openly and honestly about the good and the bad of EdTech for schools. Definitely, one to follow and subscribe to. (Also check out PracticalEdTech)

The EdTech team is now well known for their commitment to gathering the best EdTech educators from all over the world to lead PD, write books and publish articles. Their blog is a flurry of just in time articles from leading educators on just about everything you can imagine when it comes to integrating technology in schools.

For the blog and book of the same name, swapping out a textbook for a digital tool is a no-brainer. Matt Miller, a former Spanish teacher, works to engage teachers with the latest technology through his blog. I have had the pleasure of knowing Matt on Twitter now for many years and his dedication to sharing his passion and knowledge is outstanding. I am in constant awe (His book is amazing too!!!)

One of my Edu-Heroes and a constant source of inspiration, former K–12 principal George Couros shares his experience in leadership and focuses on how to facilitate innovation in the classroom through a little technology and a lot of inspiration in his blog. His book “The Innovators Mindset” is my number one pick for professional learning (check out my other favorite books for teachers here too) and his blog inspires and challenges with each and every post.

With over 75,000 twitter followers, Erin Klein is a well-followed, trusted and respected author and award-winning educator who provides practical strategies to increase student achievement and engagement with technology. Her website is easy to follow and her articles are always engaging, encouraging me to read more and try myself.

A personal favorite of mine from Google Edu-Hero Alice Keeler. Alice shares practical tips, tricks, and techniques to integrate technology effectively into your classroom. If you are a Google school or a Google user yourself Alice is a MUST follow. For more, she also has some incredible books that give you everything you need for the successful integration of GSuite products.

Monica Burn is an Edtech consultant who provides detailed technology tips and tricks relevant to educators across the globe. Her tips and tricks are timely, simple to follow and perfect to forward on to those in need within your organization. If there is a new tool, Monica has probably checked it out and reported back on it for you. Follow her for weekly inspiration.

Eric Sheninger reflects on digital leadership and how it affects parental communication and student and faculty engagement. He is an inspirational person to connect with online as he regularly shares valuable tools, ideas and more on twitter as well as through detailed articles from his practice on this blog. He connects trends in technology with changes in the larger culture and makes the reads relevant to his education community.

Kacey Bell is a Twitter guru and constant inspiration to me through her tweets and relevant EdTech posts on Twitter. In addition to this, she adds her easy to follow personality to her very relatable blog. As a Google-certified consultant, she talks in detail about the relevance of G-Suite products (amongst others) and how to integrate them effectively into your classroom to add value to student learning.

Edudemic is an EdTech powerhouse with multitudes of reviews and ideas being shared daily. My twitter feed is often full of Educational articles from Edudemic on a daily basis for classroom teachers, leaders and educational experts from across the globe. The sheer volume of resources available at this site will blow you away. It’s a goldmine of new ideas and lesson plans.

Another powerhouse of EdTech articles and information published by some of the best and most well-known educators from every corner of the globe. This blog features thousands of articles for K-12 educators based on tips and strategies that work. Following their blog and their twitter feed will give you daily inspiration.

Past Edu-blog of the year winner Mark Anderson is another one of my twitter favorites whose blog is often groundbreaking with up to the minute perspectives on the latest and greatest technology being used to add value to student learning around the globe. As a former school leader, Mark offers support to others and shares his experiences in an easy to read way.
Dave Burgess has become world famous for being “the pirate guy”. Teach Like a Pirate has become a global hit and as a result, teachers get out their pirate kit and their growth mindset to change the way they teach thanks to Dave and his online presence. Dave’s blog and books are the same –> total inspiration. If you are looking for something different and looking to be engaged the whole way then look no further than Dave Burgess and Teach Like a Pirate.
There are many other amazing blogs that simply can’t be missed but these are the ones I see and get inspiration from on a weekly basis. If you are looking to start blogging or simply learn from the best – look no further than this list. Please share your favorites that I have left out as well and give them a special shoutout to say thank you!

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