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10 Student Friendly Websites to Encourage Creative Thinking

Today’s blog is a guest post from Sophia Clark. Sophia is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google+.

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Classrooms that honor creativity and fun are lively places for students to learn and retain information. Was learning fun and exciting while you were growing up? Well, probably not and the main reason behind this is because there was no technology back then. So, if you’re a teacher or parent looking for the best resources to help your kids in their education, this is the right time.

Remember that you’re in the Digital Age of technology where the internet is overflowing with fantastic learning resources for your kids. So, here are the ten best educational sites that will serve your kids well (according to Sophia Clark). Remember that there are a multitude of other resources out there and we would love to hear your favorites too:

1. BrainPOP

This is an excellent website that tackles almost all subjects from music to math. It even includes humorous animated scenes. It breaks down complicated concepts into ideas that are easily understood. It’s able to do this by using real-life and relatable scenarios. Isn’t it an ingenious method of helping your kids to learn?

Besides, the site is well organized with logical labels and categories for a simple navigation process. However, to play BrainPOP movies, you’ll have to install the Adobe Flash Player. These videos have essential and interactive activities, quizzes and games ‘to drive each point home.’ An excellent example of a fun clip is Moby, who’s just a funny robot and kids love him!

2. DOGOnews

It’s important to keep your kids always informed on the things going on in and around them. Of course, traditional newspapers are not the best way to do this, but instead, you should use Child-safe news sites. DOGOnews is one of the safest and highly informative places for kids.

It delivers non-fictional information and news and filters different stories based on various categories. Suitable examples include Sports, Science and Entertainment. It even comes with a follow-up part at the end of every article that tests your child’s understanding of the content. In case he or she encounters some hard phrases, the site links them to an excellent popup dictionary or map feature.

3. Funology

Do you want to reduce the time that your child spends watching TV? Well, now you can keep him/her occupied using some captivating offline activities from this impressive website. Funology can be designed as just an idea toolkit for both teachers and parents. However, it can still become an online playground and laboratory for kids.

The site also comes with guidelines that will help your child in various learning programs. He or she can try out some science experiments, crafts, arts, crafts and magic tricks. With time, you can include jokes, games, and even some trivia questions.

4. SpellUP

Learning to pronounce and spell words correctly seems like a huge task especially for kids. They require all your assistance and encouragement and the most suitable way is introducing them to SpellUp. It’s just an interactive oral spelling Google Chrome game.

It comes with crisp audio and graphics that make it a fantastic tool to use. To use it, you’ll even not need to install a chrome extension. Here, all you’ll need to do is to click on the play function.

5. FunBrain

Games are activities which kids always seem to understand quickly. Because they don’t need to learn how to do this, FunBrain uses this fact to help your child in understanding various subjects. The site has over 100 collections of captivating games meant to educate as well as entertain kids. Some favorite comics and books like Brewster Rockit are readily available as free reading resources on FunBrain.

6. National Geographic Kids

This interactive site gets kids curious and excited about their surrounding world. Its homepage is a mosaic of clickable and colorful book reports that appeal to young minds. Stunning videos and photos appear showing captivating views of flora and fauna to keep both adults and kids hooked.

It uses fresh materials such as games, quizzes, polls, and facts to teach young adventurous, different concepts. Some of these are geography, natural science, and archaeology.

7. Scratch

Coding is one of the most amazing skills that you should encourage your kids to adopt. However, you won’t have a lot of success getting them to try it if you don’t show them the fun in programming. However, with Scratch, you’ll teach your kids to use visual tools in coding. Here, it uses the ‘cause and effect’ approach where you can click on different color-coded guidelines to see how they affect beautiful animal spirits. If you haven’t tried Scratch or other coding based program’s then get into them and give them a go – your child will LOVE it (and so will you).

8. Science Bob

Even though Halloween is far behind us, you can still try these remarkable Halloween-themed experiments. Suitable examples include dancing ghosts and drinkable beverages. Don’t they sound like some of the things that kids love? Well, these are just the ideas and experiments that you’ll get on this incredible website.

Here, kids can find the answers to curious questions like, ‘why onions make us cry?’ Even so, as a parent or teacher, you should search through the website to find appropriate ideas for your child. Also, remember to do a little bit of supervision while as the experiments go on!

9. Rich Kid Smart Kid

In our current society, money is everything, and knowing how to use it is a crucial non-geeky skill that your child needs to have. So, you can teach them some essential concepts concerning money through this fantastic website. It uses free and captivating games to explain various ideas such as saving, investing, business and cash flow. RKSK uses two cute cartoon figures called Toki and Reno to take your child through the site.

10. MissionUS

As much as kids hate math, history is not a good ‘friend.’ But what if they had a chance to ‘experience’ these events? Well, they would love to learn more about the events that shaped our present life. Now, with MissionUs they can easily understand and appreciate our rich history.

It uses video games to give your child an insight into the history of the United States. Here, you should allow your kids to pick the mission he or she wants to complete. Each task takes them to different events in history, giving them the chance to explore different political characters and situations.

Kids dread entering a classroom to listen to the teacher ‘talks’. To them, they’d rather play all day because it’s exciting and fun. Therefore, as a parent or teacher, you’ll need to use these amazing online resources to make learning a bit more interesting for young kids. In the end, you’ll bear witness to improved results both inside and outside of class!

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