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Back to School: Inspirational Advice for Parents and Children

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There are mixed feelings linked to the time when children are supposed to go back to school after a long holiday. Children usually feel quite reluctant, since homework, schoolwork, and deadlines are about to replace the freedom to play, swim, watch TV, and stay up late.

In order to help your children go through this transition as smoothly as possible, you should try to help them see the bright side of going back to school. Being positive and able to find inspiration will definitely help you and your loved ones start the new school year in the right way.

Meet the new teacher

If your child is about to get a new teacher, it’s quite understandable that they might feel quite apprehensive about it. The sooner you break the ice, the better. Use the opportunity during the school’s open house or back-to-school night to get to know the new teacher and you might even get their email address or phone number to remain in contact.

If that’s not possible where you live, you should turn to the Internet for more information. The school’s website or any of the social media should provide you with some information about the new teacher. Show their picture to your child, so that they can put a name to a face. That should sooth their fears or anxiety.

Provide support

If your child experienced some problems with learning last year, you need to be prepared to help them. By finding the right way to help your child overcome that problem, your child will improve their self-confidence and become stronger.

Luckily, these days, support may come in many different forms. You can hire a private tutor who will help your child with school tasks or prepare them for the final exams. This is usually the most effective method, but it can be really pricey. Alternatively, you can use available online resources, such as VCE student study notes, if you can’t afford a tutor.

Visit the school

If your child is about to start school for the first time or go to a new one, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the place if it hosts an open house. Your child will be able to get a bit familiar with the new environment, which should lead to less stress on the first day of school.

The whole experience can be even more beneficial if you get a chance to meet the teacher or see the classroom. If your child is returning to the same school, you might ask them to give you a tour. They’ll feel proud, which will make them ready for the challenges ahead.

Re-establish contact with school friends

Some children spend the whole holiday without any contact with their friends from school, which is why you should re-establish these connections before the new school year starts. Organize a play date or some other event, where your child can reconnect with their friends.

That should help them feel positive about going back to school and alleviate any fears they might have. Also, it would teach them a valuable lesson about the importance of having good friends around.

Be prepared

You might want to organize a special shopping trip with your child to buy everything they need for school. Although most parents usually try to spend as little as possible, don’t hesitate to splurge on a notebook with his or her favorite character to help them feel more positive and enthusiastic.

If there are any supplies that your child hasn’t used so far, make sure you explain how they’re used to get your child interested in doing the future projects with them. You can even let them play with the new supplies and practice that way so that they are more comfortable when the time comes to use them in class.

Ease into the routine  

The worst thing you can do is expect your child to simply make an immediate switch from being “lazy” to fully committed to learning. Instead, you should start practicing the “school routine” a few days in advance. That means setting the alarm clock early and going through the whole morning ritual. That will help children feel better prepared for the first school day and the whole transition period is bound to go much more smoothly.

Going back to school is a big change for every child, but it shouldn’t be a traumatic experience. In order to avoid that, parents should help their children prepare and hit the ground running as soon as the school starts.

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