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Copyright & Attribution – a mistake = lesson learned!

Straight to the point …. We all make mistakes! Mistakes are OK, mistakes help us learn! However, sometimes, these mistakes can be avoided and last week I made a mistake that should have been avoided and I was (thankfully) held accountable to it.

I used an image without citing its source.


Image source:

Something, I am sure, we have all done! However, this is no excuse. I know better! I am normally very strict when citing my sources on my blog or when I speak at an event and give people credit as appropriate.

If you have been to an event or worked with me in a school, you will know that I always share other people’s resources and ideas and give them credit.

Last week I missed an attribution on a quote I used in a presentation. I have since been in touch with the person and spoken to them about it. When this was brought to my attention by the author (who was incredibly polite and honest), I instantly felt sick in my stomach. How could I do this to someone that worked so hard to produce it! The reality is, however that we all make mistakes. This post is a way of me to apologize and to help educate others to not make the same mistake.

Using others images without attribution is not OK.

Here are some tips:

Most importantly, remember that mistakes happen and we are all learning. Do your best to avoid mistakes by being clear about the work that you use. Educate yourself, your colleagues, and your students.

Don’t be scared away from using other’s work – use the steps above to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Happy sharing

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