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9 apps to engage students in the Flipped Classroom

Today’s blog is a guest post from Stevens Stone who is an academician who works for Assignment Geek – a well known assignment writing service provider. He works with educators to support the integration of technology in classrooms.










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Transform your role from one of a teacher to more of a mentor by turning around lecture-based instruction. With the following list of resources, your students can now learn at home so that you can use your class time for clarification and exploration. Here are 9 apps to engage students in your Flipped Classroom:



Tackk is an Internet based app which offers you an intuitive and user-friendly way to create assignments, assign homework and class content. The intuitive interface allows you to easily add images and videos which can enhance the quality of your classes. You can even add comments and host a discussion forum to easily clarify the questions of your students.



This iOS app allows you to convert your Apple device into a whiteboard, adding text, doodles and narrations that your students can view at home. It also includes collaborative features which allow the students to discuss questions with each other in a friendly atmosphere.



Through MentorMob, you can create lesson plans that your students can follow at home. All you need to do is to sign up in order to become a part of the mob and also to track learning progress anytime.



This app allows you to create video annotations as well as tutorials that you can share with your students. There are several extensions of this app that let you add your commentary and create a collaborative space as well.



This tool allows instructors to set assignments and grade them in real time. This is ideal for slower students who are unable to follow the flow of the classroom as they can access the lessons from their own mobile devices and learn at their own pace.



Edmodo is one of the most used applications for flipped classrooms. It allows students to run polls and ask questions from a variety of resources. Through this app, students can ask other students for help, and they can also ask others who are not part of their classroom for help. You can even add parents in the group so that they can monitor what their child is learning and give their own help and input where required. This is also helpful for the teachers who want to keep the parents in their children`s educational loop.



This is another intuitive and user-friendly application that allows teachers to create video lessons for their students. Knowmia also provides video management facilities for the convenience of both students and teachers, so it is very easy to search for a video.



Unlike the previous apps which caters to a variety of subjects, TenMarks is specifically geared towards the students who are struggling with math. It caters to all grade levels and provides many learning exercises, graded from easy to difficult, allowing students to learn at their own pace.



Of course, no discussion of flipped classrooms can be completed without mentioning Khan Academy. Khan Academy has a wide variety of tools for different subjects for all class levels for K-12 which allows students to learn at their own pace. It also helps to clarify concepts that may be fuzzy or unclear to the students.

Most importantly, remember that these apps and tools are not meant to be a replacement for classroom learning. They are only designed to assist and supplement what you teach in the classroom, so do not think that you can give up your entire responsibility and depend on apps only.

I look forward to hearing about the resources you use in your classroom to engage students – comment here and through Twitter @mrkempnz


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