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5 Professional Development Holiday Reads for Teachers

Today’s blog is a guest post from Julie Ellis, who blogs at Her experience in the field of education, self-improvement and psychology gives her the opportunity to help all people that are willing to make our world and themselves better. For more, follow Julie on Twitter.

As a teacher, you are constantly seeking new ways to become more effective at classroom management, to find better ways to keep your students engaged, to incorporate technology into the classroom, and how to improve relationships with parents, administrations, and other teachers.

Nearly every teacher has a shelf (physical and virtual) packed with books designed to help them become better educators. All too often, these are dull texts that simply repeat the same concepts that you learned back in college. Fortunately, there are books that provide new information, are entertaining to read, and that give you real world information that you can practically apply in your classroom.



Here are five books on professional development that every teacher should consider purchasing.

  1. The Classroom Management Book

Authors: Harry Wong, Rosemary Wong, Sarah Jondahl, Oretha Ferguson

Summary: Effective classroom management requires a lot of planning. This book walks teachers through the steps required to do this. Instructors who follow the methods described in this book report that following the procedures in this book helps them to ensure that their classrooms run smoothly. This book is especially recommended for new teachers.

  1. Teaching with Poverty in Mind

Authors: Eric Jensen

Summary: Every teacher should have at the very least some understanding of the issues that are faced by students who are dealing with poverty. In this book, Eric Jensen provides an excellent education on poverty, what causes it, and how it negatively impacts students’ ability to learn. Then, he provides great advice on ways to overcome those struggles.

  1. Ditch that Textbook

Author: Matt Miller

Summary: This book promotes a creative and technology based approach to education that encourages creativity on the part of both students and educators. In addition to this, Matt Miller encourages teachers to create an active learning environment where hands on learning is encouraged. People who have read this book praise the author’s practical suggestions about incorporating technology into daily classroom technologies.

  1. The Daily 5, Fostering Literacy in the Elementary Grades

Author: Gail Boushey and Joan Moser

Summary: Establishing solid literacy skills in children while they are in elementary skill isn’t just optimal, it is absolutely essential. The authors of this book have defined a daily path to literacy via 5 essential tasks that must be performed every day. They include:

  • Listening while others read
  • Reading independently
  • Writing
  • Reading with a Partner
  • Working on Word Recognition

This is an excellent source of information for teachers who are dealing with a student population with a varying degree of literacy capabilities, interests, and needs.

  1. The First Year Teacher’s Survival Guide

 Author: Julia G. Thompson

Summary: This is an excellent book for new teachers who are struggling to meet the requirements of their position while also establishing their own identity as a teacher. Julia Thompson provides excellent advice on staying on message about such subjects as common core, homework standards, classroom management, and how to deal with the implementation of technology within the classroom. Readers indicate that they appreciate the practical suggestions that they can apply on a daily basis.

What are your must read holiday books for educators? Please share ….

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  • Great selection of texts, I’ve added them all to my library.

    I am halfway through Ditch That Textbook and loving it! Chapter 10 resonates strongly with me as I’ve often found myself in discussions about being a friend to students. The way Matt put it will help me explain my philosophy on the topic clearly.

    I recommend ‘Change’ by Richard Gerver. Great for leaders at all levels.

    What was your favourite part of Ditch That Textbook?

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