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Change Management and the Culture of Innovation

Today I was lucky enough to present at BETT Asia all about Change Management and the Culture of Innovation. I discussed my experience with change management in schools and suggested some steps that I follow when effecting and leading positive change in my institutions.


As promised I have written a brief summary of my talk and have included the links I shared, some of the slides and more information about what we discussed today. I hope you enjoy and for more information about my speaking engagements please click here.

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I began by introducing the concept that I follow. This magnificent clip summarises the way I categorise staff (in my head) to help enable uptake of an innovation.

We discussed the various elements of the 3 carriages and how every school has people in each carriage. I always start by investing about 80% of my time and energy into the people in the middle carriage, because the back carriage will sap all of my energy initially (they can wait) and the front carriage people are already doing amazing things with technology. The idea behind this is simple, get your first follower and start a movement!

I shared examples of our school professional development programme for technology integration that I have established, including information about the successful Techie Brekkie‘s and Classroom Walkthroughs that I run (click on the links for more).

I introduced John Kotter’s concept of “The 3P’s of Leading Change” – Know your Product, Know your People and Know your Process! In my specific case it was the 1:1 device product we were using and what we did to get to that point (e.g. doing our research, trialling devices, connecting with a mentor school etc.).

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Knowing your people, for me, is linking the 3 carriages to this excellent technology adoption bell curve model from Everett Rogers. I explained that the innovators are our front carriage people, the Early adopters and early majority are our middle carriage people (and often the first followers), and the late majority/laggards are our back carriage people.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 7.42.52 PM

We then spent some time discussing how this concept or model could work in our schools.

We finished up the session linking everything back to this video. The Dancing Guy …. How to make a movement happen in less than 3 minutes!

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 7.43.06 PM

Effecting positive change in your institution is much more than having a leader willing to initiate change. It is about the process, the people and the product. It is about getting the first follower and starting a movement. Most importantly it is not about you, it is about the movement!

Here are the extra resources that I promised as well:

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my experiences with people at #BettAsia and I look forward to making more connections and sharing my journey with you soon.

Please note: This is a talk I do in many organisations. Please contact me for more information about how I can tailor this to suit the needs of your organisation.

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