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What is School? ‘Based’ Learning

‘Based’ Learning – Bring your teaching “base” to the next level – #whatisschool

Join the conversation on #whatisschool this Thursday October 9 at 7PM EDT (Friday 9am AEST, 12pm NZT, 7am Singapore) as Craig tweets live from #ulearn14 in New Zealand. Craig is currently on his way to New Zealand to present at one of New Zealand’s largest conferences. One of his presentations about global connections will be live streamed on Thursday 1.45-3pm NZT (Wednesday 8.45-10pm EDT) as part of Connected Educators Month. The link will be provided soon and will be tweeted closer to the time, so put it in your calendar and join the conversation online at this time using the hastag #ulearn14.
Looking at education today we can find many teaching styles based on specific teaching methodology, many which begin with a name followed by “based learning”. Project based learning, problem based learning, inquiry based learning, game based learning even zombie based learning (yes, that’s right) has come into vogue. As we steer our students and classrooms towards a future workforce focus on critical thinking, problem solving and technological solutions it’s easy to find yourself wondering, which “base” is best.
Join us this week as #whatisschool explores that basics of “bases,” what works and what doesn’t and how to create your own out of the box learning base that integrates core competencies and technology to engage and enrich your students.
Here’s a look at the learning behind ZBL, one of the latest bases, which focus’ on how understanding geography and the push and pull factors of geographic movement, (ideas, resources, people) can save your life in case of, say, a zombie apocalypse.

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Join the conversation on Thursday, October 9, 7pm EDT (Friday 9am AEST, 12pm NZT, 7am Singapore) as we discuss What Is School? #whatisschool 
Questions for #whatisschool – Thursday, October 9
Q1) What “based learning” style have you tried that made you and your students say “WOW!”?
Q2) How can learning bases be integrated with technology to solve real world problems?
Q3) What benefits do you reap or see your students gaining from a learning base that is out of the box?
Q4) Are learning bases something new or just a new way to repackage old ideas?
Q5) What impact has technology had on the learning base you use the most, how can it be integrated to enhance the experience?
Q6) What learning base, real or imagined would you like to try? (Pirate-BL, Alien-BL, culinary-BL, Pet-BL…)

Thank You!
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Co-moderated by children’s book author and edu speaker Laura Hill @candylandcaper and international educator Craig Kemp @Mrkempnz  Please contact either of us with your questions and ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

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