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Twitter presence & 10 signs that you are addicted

Today’s blog post is a collaborative piece between Tobie Taylor Jones (@tobiemichele) and myself. Tobie is a Grade 6 Maths teacher in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. She is passionate about building rapport with learners, creating a positive culture for learning, and helping everyone learn to love Mathematics. She is also extremely passionate about integrating technologies and is an incredible contributor on Twitter through various online chats. If you don’t follow Tobie Taylor Jones, she is a must follow, so get onto it!
Tobie and I connected through Twitter several months ago. I was blown away by her positive and extremely enlightening comments through several of my blog posts. From the moment we were introduced we knew that we would be able to collaborate on many levels as we had similar thoughts about many areas of education. If you are connected with Tobie on Twitter you will know how passionate she is and what amazing ideas she contributes on a regular basis to her global PLN. Tobie wrote the following about our connection:
“From my point of view, we connected because your blog is fabulous, your Twitter presence is amazing (for example, you are always quick to respond, you always express gratitude to those that share your work, you are active in chats, you created #whatisschool, plus so much more). We connected because you are a great educator that wants to collaborate, and I am a passionate educator that always wants to improve”.
Twitter is a tool that has impacted both of our lives in education very positively. Twitter has become the main source of everything Education related. If we need to find something, our first point of contact is Twitter, if we need an answer, we ask our Twitter PLN, if we need some inspiration, we turn to Twitter! Just like many of you reading this, we are addicted to Twitter!
Twitter is our addiction. It is a stream of constantly flowing information. Tobie sums it up perfectly when she refers to her Twitter experiences as “constantly needing to dip my bucket in to scoop out the ‘awesomeness’”. This is exactly how I feel, but instead of a dip, it is like I am constantly swimming in a lake full of ‘awesomeness’ and the water is so warm that I always find it hard to get out!
Twitter is free, easy to learn to use and is not as demanding as many other forms of social media. Twitter is the perfect tool for educators. Online you will find hundreds of thousands of like minded educators to help, support, guide and learn with. Ideas are constantly flowing. With this in mind, I believe that it is great to ‘take’ and ‘steal’ ideas, but the true power comes when you give back. Whether it is a successful lesson, an amazing resource, a link to your blog or a post like this summarising your feelings, it is valuable to give back to your PLN.
We use Twitter for education because we want to find things that inspire us. We find ideas for our classroom or staff, and we want to find things that will be interesting and inspiring, to what all educators should have in the forefront of their minds, our students.
Although Twitter is an addiction to us. It is the most positive addiction you could imagine. As long as you maintain a strong work/life balance, Twitter is the most powerful tool in your  Edu-toolbox.
Tobie’s statement below summarises my exact thoughts about Twitter:
“I think my activity on Twitter makes me a better educator.  Even though the interactions through Twitter are not face to face (although, they can obviously lead to that), I find them to be meaningful, inspiring, helpful, and sincere”.
So, after our Skype discussion we decided to come up with a special checklist for you to relate to. 
Are you addicted to Twitter? Here are our 10 signs of Twitter addiction:
1. You use hashtags in your text messages and emails
2. Your friends know that it is easier to tweet you than to text you
3. You take it as a personal mission to ensure that all non-tweeters are converted
4. You have more followers on Twitter than you do ‘real life’ friends
5. You share an article link before reading it
6. You @reply to people in an email (e.g. Thanks for the email @James)
7. The alarms on your phone are all dedicated to Twitter chats/your Google Calendar is full of Twitter chats (like Tobie’s phone here)
8. You actually prefer tweeting over face to face interactions
9. When you start talking about all the chats in which you participate, your friends / co-workers / family (or whoever you are speaking to) have no idea what you’re talking about
10. You’re completely embarrassed to admit how many times you access Twitter each day
How does this list resonate with you?
We love Twitter and we hope you do as well. Share this with your colleagues, friends and of course connect with Tobie, she is an edu-legend!

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Craig Kemp

I am a passionate Global EdTech Consultant based in Singapore but working with Schools and EdTech companies all over the world. I am a lifelong learner, dream creator and thought leader. I love to inspire others and find inspiration. Co-founder of #whatisschool, #asiaED edchats and #pubPD.

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  • This completely resonates with me today. Got an email this morning from a colleague telling me very politely that she wasn’t interested in Twitter. Of course now am re-thinking whether I should be. And of course I went to Twitter and immediately felt validated. Thanks for your post guys loved it.

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