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About Craig Kemp

Craig is a New Zealand born educator with over 14 years experience both in the classroom, in leadership and in consulting. He is an enthusiastic change agent that is passionate about every aspect of education and making a difference. Craig is based in Singapore and is Head of Digital Learning and Innovation (N-12) at Stamford American International School where him and his team support the authentic and purposeful integration of technology to more than 3000 students and 500 staff. He is a digital learning consultant that supports schools in their digital learning transformation journey all over the globe with great success.

Craig is well known for his dedication to education through Social Media, with over 40,000 followers on Twitter. He is a professional development speaker whose workshops, seminars, and keynotes not only motivate and inspire educators but also help them develop practical and creative ways of implementing ideas into classroom practice. Craig’s work as a digital learning transformation consultant has supported schools all over the globe in establishing practices, protocols and guidelines to support the sustainable implementation of technology into the curriculum to add value to student learning.

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Craig is a Google Certified Teacher (and level 1 and 2 certified), Google Certified Innovator, Common Sense Certified Educator, SeeSaw Ambassador, Apple Teacher and has a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Administration. He was rewarded in 2010 as one of only three teachers in New Zealand by being invited to the NZ Leadership Institution Young Leaders Programme. He is a leading change agent, being involved in the makeover of several schools ICT hardware and programs, with a particular focus on pedagogy to support curriculum integration of technology. His experience in leading and developing successful teams has seen him support the development of teams across the world to positively make changes.

Craig is the co-founder and moderator of the trending twitter ed-chat #whatisschool. The goals of #whatisschool are simple, to give educators a space to express an unbiased response to questions about schooling, where educators have a voice in shaping the future through their experiences, recommendations, and interests. #whatisschool is an award-winning chat and quickly became one of the most talked about chats on twitter. Make sure you join Craig every Thursday 7pm EDT (Friday 9am AEST).

Craig specializes in digital learning transformation, global connections, formative assessment, developing schoolwide technology integration strategic plans, creating enjoyable and engaging learning experiences for students, social media in education, educational technology, inspiring and motivating staff, integrating technology and innovation in education and training parents in the application of technology and social media to support student learning. He is available for consulting, speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars both in person and via video conference – Please click here for more information.