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Emerging Technologies in our Classrooms

Today’s blog is a guest post from Amanda Peterson who is a contributing author at She is passionate about education and enjoys sharing her expertise.

Education is a constantly evolving industry. As educators seek out the most effective ways to engage their students, emerging technologies are increasingly working their way into the modern classroom. Here, we’re sharing a few of the leading tech trends shaping education today.


With all the new technologies being implemented into modern classrooms, a strong internet connection is essential for optimal functionality. 5G will allow educators to create engaging lessons with connection speeds 20 times faster than 4G, more bandwidth and more stable connections. 5G network sets the stage for a multitude of emerging classroom technologies. While there are some concerns about the safety of 5G, BETA testing is happening in countries globally and this is a trend that we will see in our backyards sooner rather than later.

Smart spaces

The internet of things (IoT) has created a new opportunity for “smart spaces” in homes, offices and classrooms. Connected classrooms are a growing trend as administrators test out the possibilities and determine the most effective use of the technology for education. The goal in this scenario is to simplify daily processes and foster innovation that provides real-time data and insights to students, faculty and partners, in order to best educate today’s youth.

At present the most common uses of IoT technology in the classroom include:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Temperature, lighting and environmental sensors
  • Automated attendance tracking systems
  • Student identification cards
  • Automatic door locks / lockdown protocols
  • Smart security camera with computer vision

Smart tables

Similar to the smartboard products, smart tables are another great option for creating more engaging lessons. The digital displays take information off the wall and put it on the tables, in efforts to make for more interactive lesson displays. Classrooms with younger students particularly benefit from Smart Tables as they allow for up 40 unique touch points at the same time, so students can physically interact with the content. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Augmented and virtual reality are creating new opportunities for students to engage in educational experiences like never before. Virtual field trips, immersive lessons and hands-on exercises are becoming increasingly more accessible as technology improves. Medical and manufacturing-focused students in particular are benefiting from these immersive tools. For example, medical students can explore new surgery procedures in life-like scenarios before interacting with an actual patient. Regardless of age or area of study, the leading benefit of mixed reality tools is the ability to make lessons interactive and collaborative rather than traditional one dimensional teaching tools. 

Remote learning

Just as remote work grows increasingly popular, so are remote learning options. Technology is allowing for more digital, mobile and flexible learning without sacrificing quality of education. Live video collaboration tools allow students and teachers to connect and interact in real time from anywhere in the world. Just as a teacher would lecture in a classroom, tools like Skype, Google Classroom and other EDTech enable teachers to present lessons in an interactive and convenient format. This flexibility also encourages improved productivity for different learning styles such as those who prefer the privacy of their homes as opposed to traditional classroom environments.  

Moving forward through 2019 and beyond, we can expect to see more emerging technology transform the way we learn and educate. 

What emerging technologies are you seeing and what do you think are the next things that will transform the way we do things in Education?

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