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7 Ways To Become The Inspiring Teacher You Want To Be

Today’s blog is a guest post from Tim Colley who is a marketing and business writer at Academic Brits. Tim likes meeting new people and writing for online publications.

If you’re a teacher, it’s safe to say that you want to inspire and encourage your students. Many teachers could use some encouragement themselves, to help them achieve these goals.

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Here are 7 ways you can become a teacher that your students will look up to over their educational career:

  1. Take Risks In The Classroom

Sometimes, you’ll think that it’s easier to keep it safe in the classroom than take risks. However, this can lead to students becoming disengaged with the learning process. Don’t be afraid to take risks when you’re teaching, as this is what students will remember and take away from your lessons. The more creative you can be in your teaching, the more your students will get out of your classes.

  1. Take Notice Of Your Students’ Interests

You want your students to come to school every day, enthused to learn. That means that you need to pay attention to how they learn, and when they’re getting the most out of their learning. Some students do well with books, others like to learn with their hands, and others want to get up out of their seats to experiment. Pay attention to what they need and try and meet them where they are.

  1. Give Students The Resources To Learn

As much as you want to be, you can’t be there for your students all the time. The way you can help your students is to give them the resources to help themselves when you can’t. For example, you can give them access to sites that offer tuition, when they need help with assignments. 1Day2Write, OriginWritings and Write My X are some such sites.

  1. Be Authentic With Your Praise

All teachers know how praising their students can help their self-esteem, and help them succeed at school. However, remember to only praise authentically. It will make much more of an impact if you’re genuine with it. Look for behavior that you can praise, and students will find it much more meaningful.

  1. Listen To The Students

Nothing means more to a student than really being listened to. No matter how busy you are, make sure that you put time aside to listen if a student needs you. This will have a deep impact on them, and can really help their self-esteem at school. It’s hard to overstate just how important this is.

  1. Reflect On The Day

Every day, reflect on what you did in the classroom. Take the time to think about what you did well, and what you could improve on. If you make a habit of this, you can continually improve your teaching style. It’s a good way to keep on track with your goals and improve as a teacher. This can only take a few minutes at the end of the day, but you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make.

  1. Have A Positive Attitude

Finally, remember that your attitude sets the tone for the class and your students. If you come in feeling negative, then students will pick up on it and act accordingly. If you come in with a positive, can do attitude though, they’ll soak up that positive energy and act accordingly. Try and keep your classroom a positive zone, and your students will benefit enormously.

These tips will help you become the kind of teacher that you’ve always wanted to be. Put them to use, and you’ll find your students are learning more and enjoying it too. Try it for yourself.

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