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The 7 Most Effective Ways to Use Google for Education

Today’s blog is a guest post from Paul Bates. Paul is an educator and tutor from Fresno, California. He has been helping students with their studies through different educational platforms such as Teachable, SolidEssay, ConfidentWriters, and Paper-Research. He’s now involved in the process of developing a modern education technology platform aimed at improving all aspects of the education experience.

In the past few decades, education has developed to a whole new level. You now have the freedom to learn and study what you want, from wherever you want to. By just searching the Internet, you have access to billions of resources from all over the world – articles, books, lectures, and videos. Your thirst for knowledge will easily be satisfied.

With this in mind, and the desire to help, Google has developed several tools, to make your life even more simple and to allow you to learn even faster and make learning more effective. You can now find what you need, save it for later, share it with the rest of the world and discuss it with colleagues. Here is a short list of Google’s apps, that I believe can be used to effectively learn and improve skills (please note that there are many more Google tools to embrace too):

  1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the perfect tool for students. Released in November 2004, it is absolutely free and an accessible search engine for scholarly literature. Using it, you can search the web for books, papers, academic journals, theses, technical reports, and other documents. The best part: if you need a physical copy of a document, you can also search it in Google Scholar, and learn where to find it. This is a great tool for student referencing, particularly in Middle and High School.

  1. Google Classroom

It’s the perfect analogue of the classroom we all know. Google Classroom is a digital platform for schools, designed to simplify the assigning, grading and distributing of school assignments and papers. It’s completely digital, saves time, and provides easy ways of communication between teachers and students.

  1. Gmail

This is the most famous e-mail platform known to the modern person. Gmail is not only a simple mail platform. By registering, you cannot only send, receive and arrange your digital correspondence, but you also receive full and easy access to all Google tools and apps. With the mobile version of Gmail, you will never miss an important e-mail. This makes Gmail perfect for students, helping them to stay informed of new assignments and learning information. Also here, I will include Google Calendar and it’s ability to keep students (and staff) organized.

  1. Google Alerts

If you are a student or teacher, or just a person trying to constantly improve skills and knowledge, Google Alerts is the perfect tool for you. To use it, you can add search keywords that suit your interest. When a new article, paper or thesis that matches those keywords appears, you will immediately receive an e-mail. This is the way you keep yourself constantly informed, without having to search the Internet. Google Alerts does that for you.

  1. Google Hangouts/Google Meet

One of the best things you can learn in school or college is how to work in groups. These are the tools improving teamwork. By using them you can talk, send video and voice messages. The instant messaging services allow you to easily communicate and discuss with your teammates without having to meet them. It saves time and energy, helping you to finish effectively your assignments, papers or theses on time, even if you have to travel a lot. Google knows how to help with this one. You should also check out Google Meet – the latest announcement from Google!

  1. Google Drive

Another tool perfect for learning is Google Drive which gives you free virtual space of 15 GB for saving, managing and organizing all your important papers, books, lectures, videos and all kinds of files. It helps to improve teamwork too. When saved, the information can be shared with other people having Gmail profiles and using Drive. Thus, you can divide your assignment into parts, and when someone of your teammates finishes their part, they can upload it to be used by others. If you want to use more space, there are also paid plans, offering up to 30 terabytes of space.

  1. Google Books

Google Books is your new favorite library. With one click you can find all kinds of full textbooks, including magazines and schoolbooks. This platform was designed to improve the power of human learning and help people worldwide to easily access the information and books they need.  You can search the database of more than 25 million books by title, author or category. Each book has a free ‘About’ section helping you to find exactly what you need.

So, with Google’s learning tools and features, all you need is a good Internet connection, and you can access all the knowledge you need. You can improve yourself, your work and studying with only one click. Google’s features are the best way to find whatever you want.

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