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25 School Leaders to Follow on Twitter

In March 2018, I published “100 Educators to Follow on Twitter” which very quickly became popular and well-received. For several weeks, I have been doing some research, connecting with my PLN and finding the best of the best Educators from every corner of the globe to feature in my series of “Educators to follow”. The past 4 weeks I have shared my top 50 educators in Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa and now I am moving into a series of “who to follow” for Leaders, Elementary staff, and Secondary staff over the next 3 weeks!

One of the interesting takeaways for me from this series is the positive vibes that have come as a result of this. People see it NOT as a list of the best that is scary and unattainable BUT as truly intended. A list of people that inspire ME with the opportunity for YOU to share your favorites. The biggest message here is that being connected matters, no matter what level. Never feel fear about connecting, jump on board and as I have said thousands of times before and always acted on, I will help you!

This week we look at Leadership and I share my top 25 Active school leaders who you simply MUST FOLLOW on Twitter. Enjoy the opportunity to grow your PLN and share your favorites as well. Please remember that there are a lot of people missing from this list – I chose to limit it to 25 (and put them in no particular order) so that others could share their top ‘leader tweeters’ as well – collaborative learning is the best!

  1. @E_Sheninger (USA – Award-winning Principal, Author, Speaker)
  2. @MansourNatalie (Australia – Principal)
  3. @willrich45 (USA – Principal, Author, Speaker)
  4. @dwight_carter (USA – Principal, Speaker, Author)
  5. @gcouros (USA – Principal, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant, Author, Speaker)
  6. @jradojkovich (Singapore – Principal)
  7. @O_L_Mayers (USA – Principal of the Year)
  8. @mccoyderek (USA – Principal, Speaker, Consultant)
  9. @SteeleThoughts (USA – Principal, Speaker)
  10. @howardstribbell (Macau – School Head)
  11. @johnqgoh (Australia – Principal)
  12. @PrincipalKafele (USA – Principal, Speaker, Author)
  13. @FoleyKev (Ireland – Teaching Principal)
  14. @TonySinanis (USA – Superintendent, Principal of the Year, Author, Speaker)
  15. @drtstuart (Ethiopia – Head of School)
  16. @drjolly (USA – Superintendent)
  17. @kyliejdonovan (Australia – Primary Principal)
  18. @BethHouf (USA – Middle School Principal, Author, Speaker)
  19. @TechNinjaTodd (USA – Principal, Speaker, Author)
  20. @smgaillard (USA – Principal, Author)
  21. @JohnstoneClare (Singapore – Principal, Kagan Trainer)
  22. @ERobbPrincipal (USA – Principal, Author, Speaker)
  23. @AWJSHead (England – Head Teacher)
  24. @DavidGeurin (USA – High School Principal)
  25. @kadietz (Hong Kong – Head of School)

My best advice is to connect, follow and engage with ALL of these leaders. Everyone can lead and you can lead from anywhere. As leaders, our job is to help grow new leaders. Tag everyone in, share this post and help everyone learn from the best leaders online. Their voices need to be heard further afield.

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Craig Kemp

Craig Kemp

I am a passionate Global EdTech Consultant based in Singapore but working with Schools and EdTech companies all over the world. I am a lifelong learner, dream creator and thought leader. I love to inspire others and find inspiration. Co-founder of #whatisschool, #asiaED edchats and #pubPD.

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