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Mystery Skype – a simple breakdown!

There is no hiding the fact that I love Mystery Skype and the power that it has in engaging students in authentic learning opportunities. Not only do I believe that it is the best way to learn about the world, but it teaches students teamwork, collaboration, questioning skills and more! 

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Here is my summary of how to do a Mystery Skype and the power of it:

M ake a connection online (you can click here to find some contacts in this database)

Y our class needs to learn about the concept (this will help you)

S hare an introduction video (click here)

T ell your student’s limited details (mistakes are good, they will learn so much from the experience)

E ase your way in with practice sessions (give them the chance to practice but keep your rules and instruction limited – let them control it)

R eflect (discuss as a class what went well, what didn’t and what they will do next time to improve)

Y es or no questions only (sometimes this gets forgotten, but it is one of the only “lock down” rules.

S kype time! Remind your students about online etiquette (it is a great time to discuss this in an authentic context. Be quiet, be respectful, be supportive and don’t forget to smile and have fun)

K eep guiding and supporting only! (It is so tempting as a teacher to take over and control the session. Let go and let your students own the experience – don’t help even if it goes downhill)

Y our key to success is questioning (teach your students about the importance of questioning and how to think one step ahead to the next sensible question – remember to use geographical language)

P ower to the students! Let them lead (this is theirs! Let them own it!)

E nd by sharing something special and reflect (it is always cool to share a cultural piece with the other school, or a school song or even a Q&A session. Make the most of the connection)

After your first Mystery Skype, there is only one more thing to do ….. find your next connections and do it again!!!! 

Here are some other articles and posts to support your Mystery Skype journey:

If you ever have questions or need support in finding a connection, please don’t hesitate to ask!

It’s one of my passions and I love to help!

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Craig Kemp

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  • Nice breakdown. We have done a few Mystery Skypes this year including another one today. The students here are sometimes like the country, a little bit secluded. This leads to broader discussions and greater international mindedness especially when put into different contexts.

    I will definitely keep encouraging teachers to do some Mystery Skypes.

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