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Top 30 Educators to Follow on Twitter

Twitter has been the best tool I have encountered for educators to connect, collaborate and develop as professionals. It allows educators to learn and connect 24/7 from anywhere around the world.

Once connected you get the best of the best when you want it and can ask questions and get answers instantly from educators all around the world. Then there is the power of twitter chats, but we don’t have time for that now. Click here for more about my favorite twitter chats.


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The key to successfully using Twitter as an Educator is who you follow.

Here is my list of the Top 30 MUST FOLLOW educators on twitter (in no particular order): 

Alice Keeler – An inspirational Google Certified Teacher and author of 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom, Alice is the “go-to gal” for everything Google.

Kevin Honeycutt – With over 53,000 followers, Kevin is a super connected educator, global speaker and author who likes to bring his personal life experience and a sense of humor and creativity to the mission of helping prepare 21st-century learners!

Lisa Dabbs – Lisa inspired thousands as an educational & social media consultant, author, blogger, podcaster and speaker. Lisa’s passion to support and mentor new & pre-service teachers led her to found New Teacher Chat #ntchat on Twitter.

Dave Burgess – Dave Burgess is the New York Times Best-Selling author of Teach Like a PIRATE, co-author of P is for PIRATE, and the president of Dave Burgess Consulting. He is a lively and inspirational tweeter, always willing to answer questions and support learning development (you should also follow Dave’s wife Shelley here)

Mark Weston – Mark is a warm-hearted, engaging person, who goes out of his way to help people connect. Mark is an education change agent, who works tirelessly to support those in need.

Summer Howarth – Summer lives in Melbourne, Australia and is the Director of Learning Design with the inspirational team at EduChangemakers. Her bubbly personality hooks you in and her knowledge and expertise leaves you wanting more!

Mark Anderson – Mark is a global leader in anything and everything ed-tech. His ICT Evangelist blog won the 2015 Education Blog of the Year award. He is one of the UK’s most in-demand keynote speakers and his tweets will keep you inspired.

Jennifer Williams – Jenn is an inspirational tweeter with a passion for global learning. Her online work connects and engages students and teachers from every corner of the globe. She is always willing to help and share her knowledge.

Vicki Davis – Vicki is one of the most connected teachers on Twitter. She is an author and global speaker who speaks from the heart and from her hands-on experience in the classroom – she is a must follow in the ed-tech scene.

Angela Maiers – Angela is a globally recognized educator and speaker who is passionate about literacy and encouraging learners that there are no limits. Angela will inspire you with her active involvement in education in all its forms.

Eric Sheninger – Eric is an award-winning principal and Senior Fellow at Rigor Relevance. He is a best-selling author and an international keynote speaker. Eric has been featured on TV and print around the world and is a leader you can’t miss being connected with.

Will Richardson – Well known for his passion for his profession, Will is a global speaker and change agent who is inspiring to us all. He is the co-founder of and an author of 6 books. A sharer of knowledge, Will is one person you don’t want to miss out on being connected with.

Sue Gorman – Sue is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and a powerful Social Media voice. Her passions lie with engaging classrooms that inspire inquiry, visible thinking, student voice and choice, and global collaboration. Get connected with her today!

George Couros – George is a powerful leader who is the author of the global hit book, “The Innovator’s Mindset”. George gives up his time to help others and share his passion for leadership and education. He is always willing to help and you will find his twitter feed buzzing every day.

Erin Klein – Erin is an award-winning educator, keynote speaker and author who is constantly referred to as a leader in her field. I always look to Erin when in need of help in the ed-tech world and she always delivers. Her blog is packed full of incredible resources.

Martin Burrett – Editor of #UKEdChat’s UK Ed Magazine and UK Ed Resources, Martin is well known online as @ICTMagic and his resources inspire thousands on a daily basis. He is a primary teacher and is based in the UK. He openly and willingly shares ideas daily and his twitter feed is a non-stop shop of amazing resources!

Steven Anderson – Steven has over 144,000 twitter followers and is known as one of the top 50 innovators in education. He is a global keynote speaker, blogger, author and the co-creator of #EdChat, the first and most powerful twitter chat for educators.

Shannon Miller – Shannon is a teacher-librarian and with over 50,000 followers, is a leader in her field. She is an author and powerful blogger at who regularly and openly shares her ideas and resources.

Todd Nesloney – Todd is the Principal of Webb Elementary in Texas, USA. He is a multi-award winning educator who is constantly recognized as a leader in his field. He is passionate about student voice and helping teachers remove barriers and eliminate excuses.

Larry Ferlazzo – Larry is an Inner-City High School Teacher in Sacremento, USA. He is an author of 8 books and writes regularly in the NY times. He is passionate about EAL/ESL/ELL students and supporting English Language Learners in the Mainstream classroom.

Rusul Alrubail – Based in Toronto, Rusul is on a mission to build out a literacy and student voice community. She is a TEDx speaker and a social media influencer on education, race, and equity. Her tweets inspire and her ability to engage always leaves me amazed!

Steve Wheeler – Steve is a constant inspiration to me and is always willing to lend an ear, give you a hand or have a chat. Steve is a teacher educator, researcher, international speaker and author. His tweets inspire and he is always willing to give time to people who reach out.

Kasey Bell – Kasey’s work to help teachers use Google tools in the classroom is creative and always practical. Her blog and Pinterest account are must-follows. She is a Google-Certified Trainer who is dedicated to making a difference in student learning.

Joyce Valenza – Joyce is an assistant professor at Rutgers University. She is a public speaker, teacher, and author. Her work as a librarian inspires many and her twitter chat #tlchat encourages teacher librarians to share their inspirational stories with the world.

Lucy Gray – Lucy is the co-founder of GlobalEdCon, a virtual global education organization. Follow her for ideas and resources for helping your students become more globally minded. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator who is well-known in the ed-tech and social media world.

Shelly Sanchez – With 75,000 followers, Shelly is an incredibly powerful educator and global speaker. She is the author of 30 goals ( and is passionate about helping like-minded people connect and collaborate.

Sue Waters – Sue is from Perth, Australia and is an EduBlogs Support Manager. Her work in education blogging is powerful and she has supported thousands of educators to share their journeys through blogging and encourage the same in their students.

Deputy Mitchell – David is an award winning Head Teacher and is best known through Twitter as @deputymitchell. He founded QuadBlogging which has now seen over 500,000 pupils from 55 countries take part. He is a speaker, writer, and trainer of teachers.

Beverly Ladd – Bev inspires many, including me! She is passionate about connecting students with the world and is a Skype Master Teacher. If you ever need help with connections or collaborating, Beverly is your go-to educator.

Sarah Thomas – Sarah is a regional tech coordinator and passionate about social media in education. She inspires me constantly as she connects educators from all over the globe. She created #EduMatch to support this and is constantly giving her time to support others.

Obviously, there are thousands of other amazing educators and thought leaders out there to follow on twitter but I have limited this to my top 30 because I had to stop somewhere. You can follow me @mrkempnz to see more amazing educators that I follow and interact with on a daily basis.


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Who are your favorite ‘tweeters’ and why? Who have I missed? Share your thoughts here or tag your favorites with this post on twitter and be sure to tag me in too @mrkempnz

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  • Craig, this is one of the most generous things you can do: sharing your audience with others, for the benefit of all. I’m now following almost all of the wonderful individuals you mention above.

  • Craig. How many current teachers do you have on your list . . . educators who are actually in the classroom and, at the same time, sharing what works on Twitter or via various blog posts? I didn’t see but one or two. Certainly, I didn’t see mention of any of the following teachers: Laura Bradley, Alice Chen, Scott Petri, Jen Roberts. Mariana Garcia Serrato, Michael Hernandes, Darcy Salvadore, Amy Rosenstein, Alex Kajitani, etc. etc. I’m not trying to take anything away from the names you’ve included, but in my book, those who are currently in the classroom, blogging, and tweeting, those are the top educators to follow. This from a high school social studies teacher and the KQED In the Classroom coordinating editor.

    • Thanks for reaching out Peter – It is a valid point and as ALWAYS been my standpoint for many things too (especially listening to speakers at events) however, I don’t believe you have to be in the classroom to be a “top educator to follow”. The 30 I have named are my go-to twitter educators! They are inspirational on a daily basis. Maybe I need to do a Top 30 Classroom Teachers to follow on Twitter? Thoughts? (P.S. Love the names you shared too – all look amazing).

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