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Keeping students ‘on task’ – a new approach

Recently, I have been looking at unique ways to help easily distracted students focus on their learning. At my current school we have been trialing ‘Bouncy Bands’. Something I learnt about through Twitter. I read some conversations about how their use was positively impacting on student learning and allowing students to focus and engage in learning for longer periods of time. The results blew my mind – how could something so simple make such a difference … I had to trial it myself. This is not a paid endorsement for the ‘Bouncy Bands’ product, it is merely my thoughts, observations and feelings from trialing something a little different and unorthodox.

unnamedAfter reading the data and hearing the stories, I had to trial it myself. I contacted Bouncy Bands owner Scott Ertl on Twitter and asked if I could purchase a bouncy band for trial in my school here in Singapore. Within 4 weeks the product was on my doorstep and immediately put to good use at various year levels across the school.

Our initial concerns were that the bands would become more of a distraction, however after a few days of use; the band was ignored as a toy and became a part of ‘everyday life’. The bands are strong and when placed on the chairs or tables, were secure and safe.

So what you are all waiting for …. The Benefits …..

We have now used Bouncy Bands (both the chair and desk version) in Year 2, 3, 4 and 6 with students and these are the benefits that we have found:

  • Students were able to stay on task for a longer period of time
  • The Bouncy Bands were quiet and did not distract or disturb any other students (after our initial 2-3 days of use)
  • When tested, students were able to achieve higher scores, in particular scoring better in later parts of the test when focus is lowest
  • Less behaviour management issues during the trial period
  • Parents of students involved in the trial reported that their children were more attentive at home in the evenings and they found it easier to settle them in the evenings

I highly recommend the use of Bouncy Bands as an alternative method to help students focus. We will be continuing our trial and seeing how best to utilise this with other methods to give our students the best possible chance of learning in our school.

I would love to hear examples of alternative methods you have used to improve student focus and attention …

For more information on Bouncy Bands see their website at

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