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Coding in the curriculum

At my current school, we have recently introduced a coding aspect to our curriculum from Year 3. Coding has, for the past few years, been used in isolation at various year levels and linked to the curriculum, but now with amazingly engaging and easy to follow programs and an open and easily adaptable curriculum it is at our fingertips ready to go!

We are establishing a link to the Australian Curriculum and plan on rolling out a coding curriculum for 2015. Currently our programme involves introduction to ‘hands on’ computer programming from Year 1, introduction to basic programming with Tynker from Year 2 as our main programme through to Year 4. We supplement this with Scratch and From Year 5 students in our Middle School work through advanced lessons and are introduced to Javascript through Tynker and supplemented with Khan Academy. By the beginning of Year 7 most students have a basic understanding of Javascript and the more advanced students who show a self interest are extended into basic game development and app building.
It has been incredibly exciting to see the development of this over the last few months. The students are thoroughly enjoying it and the feedback from staff and the parental community is positive. Parents understand the importance now of Coding as a language and see it as equal importance to second language learning.

Here is some feedback from my students (as you know I am passionate about student voice, this personal feedback may support you in the development of a similar project at our school):

What do you know about coding?
  • “I know that you can code on a stick figure game but I have never done that”
  • “Coding is the way of the future and most jobs we will come across will involve coding”
  • “Coding is a language that allows you to do certain things to an object to make it do something you want it to do”
  • “Coding is new to me. For a start, I have learnt that coding is the basis of all computer programs and applications”
What have you created?
  • “On Scratch I used to make lots and lots of games, I found scratch really easy to use and understand. I have made games where you need to dodge things, collect items, and get through mazes without touching the sides”
  • “Maze games, pack mannish games, button games, magic 8-ball game, frog game, dog and princess game, budgie game, bird games etc.”
  • “Hacks of Flappy Bird and Angry Birds”

How can coding be useful?

  • “Coding is essential to know if you want to make any sort of video games or even if you want to make little cartoons to go on Youtube or something”
  • “Coding is involved in most jobs like computer programming and making games”
  • “Coding can be useful when you need to do one thing many times, you can just code it and the machine will do it for you”
  • “Coding is how everything online is created”
  • “It is an extremely practical skill in the age of advanced digital technology, and I’m glad that I’m learning it for the first time! Coding is needed for crafting computer programs and applications. Many people need to use computer programs and applications. In this way, coding appeals to a wide platform of users. The use of digital technology is rising rapidly, and will certainly continue growing in future. Therefore, technology opens doors for us to engage others and perhaps even pursue a career in coding and technology”
What do you like about coding?
  • “We get the chance to make our own games and we can know what actually happens inside computers”
  • “I enjoy coding because even one tiny detail can change the picture completely and there are unlimited possibilities”
  • “It can be simple or it can be complex it can shorten jobs or create games for you and your friends to play”
  • “I enjoyed learning the basics of coding through I am now learning Javascript, which is a coding language used to create things. Khan Academy (and Mr Kemp) makes it simple”
  • “The thing that I like about coding so far is how useful it is. Though coding will become more challenging, I am still excited to keep learning more”
  • “I like being challenged, I am now learning Javascript (coding language) and I plan on creating an app, with Mr Kemp’s support”

What could you do by coding?

  • “By coding you could do anything like become a coding superhero. Lots of electronic things have coding so they can operate, maybe even vehicles have coding (now I am off to Google it)?”
  • “Coding is an opportunity generator. It’s a skill that exercises your mind as you create something beautiful that you can share with the world”
  • “With coding, a wide variety of computer programs and applications can be crafted. Coding stretches horizons and gives us the power to let out the creative genius in us”
  • “From an informative website, to a sleek, video-sharing application, anything imagined may be created when we have adequate knowledge about coding. It’s a universal tool”



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Craig Kemp

Craig Kemp

I am a passionate Global EdTech Consultant based in Singapore but working with Schools and EdTech companies all over the world. I am a lifelong learner, dream creator and thought leader. I love to inspire others and find inspiration. Co-founder of #whatisschool, #asiaED edchats and #pubPD.

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  • Great post – working on adding coding to the Philadelphia OST (out-of-school time) programming; now if we can only get funding for computers! Thanks again for keeping us connected with what’s going on across the globe – Cheers, Devi_R_611

  • I used to teach Dreamweaver to our Y5/6 students. We used the split screen to show them what coding looks like, but not many understood or were too interested in the actual coding. It’s so exciting to see the way students are now embracing this … I will have to sharpen up my Java script and HTML … Thanks for your posts, they keep me inspired!

  • Coding has been added to the UK curriculum this year and although I am still finding my way with it (I have no background or experience in coding myself) I am loving learning alongside my classes (y1 – y6). The sense of achievement we ALL feel when one of us solves a problem is just amazing! Computational thinking is such an important skill in all areas of life.

  • Hi Craig
    Congratulations on your achievements. Thanks for sharing your resources. I like how you outlined your scope and sequence. You may be interested in my curated a list of resources at . There are teacher lessons and project ideas for MakerSpaces. Regards Meridith

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for sharing this it has inspired me to get started with programming this year. Can I ask what version of Tynker your school has? Are you using the free or Paid licences?

    Thanks for your inspiration.

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