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What is School? Student Engagement in a Global Classroom

How do you engage students in a Global Classroom?

Join the conversation on #whatisschool this Thursday July 24 at 7PM EDT (Friday 9am AEST, 11am NZT) as we discuss student engagement on a global platform.

Last week on #whatisschool we began a conversation about teaching in a global classroom. Learning without walls is a concept that many educators have only begun to examine as classrooms continue to expand to include interaction with students around the world.  This week we delve even deeper into the global classroom to examine expansive ways of teaching to large groups of students. Joining us to share his insights and ideas is Steve Shermanmanaging Director of an Educational NGO Living Maths, who teaches 4500 students weekly in schools around Cape Town. This week, Laura had a chance to ask Steve some questions about how he started his global classroom:

Laura: Hi Steve, thanks for agreeing to join us for #whatisschool Thursday night at 7PM EDT, I believe that’s around 1am Cape Town time.

Steve: Yes, that’s what I got by my calculation. But the middle of the night doesn’t scare me.

Laura: We are excited to have you! Last week we featured your Ted Ex talk about building a global classroom, I was curious about what motivated you to begin teaching on a global scale?

Steve: To connect, to create, to learn and to share.  There is something profoundly invigorating when students from 2 or more different countries can exchange ideas.

Laura: But you teach a class of 4500 students, that’s amazing! How do you prepare?

Steve: I used to teach at over 30 schools a week locally and at different schools around South Africa and the world – reaching approx. 4500 in the course of a week.  When one teaches online, audience size that are watching the live stream could be any size.

Laura:  What advice would you give to educators desiring to turn their classroom into a global exchange?

Steve: Take the first step.  Make a connection. There won’t be any desire to turn back! Contact me if you need encouragement.

We have a great opportunity #whatisschool to speak directly with someone who has created a highly successful global classroom.  Please bring your questions for Steve Sherman and join the conversation at #whatisschool Thursday July 24 7PM EDT.  To view Steve’s TedX chat see below:

Join the conversation on Thursday, July 24, 7pm EDT as we discuss What Is School? #whatisschool 

The questions for this week’s discussion are below:

Q1) What is a global classroom?

Q2) How can you create a global exchange between students? 

Q3) What projects have you done, or could you do, that include exchange with students in other countries?

Q4) How could you create a collaborative learning classroom working with a teacher in other country? 

Q5) What technologies or teaching methods would you use to create a global learning exchange in your classroom?

Q6) Pick one country you would like to create a global project with and post your idea, now.

Co-moderated by children’s book author and edu speaker Laura Hill @candylandcaper and international educator Craig Kemp @Mrkempnz  Please contact either of us with your questions and ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

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